Drinking Beakers, Batch 1


Handleless drinking beakers, hand built in a chocolate coloured, stoneware clay with semi opaque, shiny, white glaze.

Each cup and their respective finish, shape and design are completely unique and will have the marks of the maker formed throughout the making process. No two cups will ever be identical or look like they've been bulk manufactured in a factory.

There is a pride in owning something hand made that takes into account the impact they have have on their local communities and their environment.
Small and independent is really is beautiful.
If you're looking for a completely symmetrical piece of work with no makers marks, deliberate or otherwise this might not be the right place to find one.

Size: Holds approx 7oz

Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe but recommend hand washing.

When choosing your cup from the drop down box, please ensure you select the correct item you require.
*This batch has leaf printed beakers and plain.


  • 1 Leaf repeat design, Image 2 & 3
  • 1 Plain design, Image 4