'Harbour House' various colours available in ‘options’


Ceramic, hand-built, Scottish, 'wild clay' Harbour house.

Choose various options from drop down box.

This sweet, quirky, little ceramic Harbour House comes with a small Incense cone that releases it's smoke up and out of the wee chimney (one will be included in price). The house can also be used with a small battery operated, flickering, tea light to create a cosy night-time glow (also included ).

Use incense and tea light separately, never together.

You are buying one 'Harbour House' in 'wild clay" with free battery operated tea light and one incense cone and ceramic cone holder.

All items are handmade and will show the marks and intentional imperfections of the making process.
Each piece is unique and may have slight variations in size and differences in glaze appearance.

Approx size.
Height: 13cm
Width: 6.5cm

Warning! Keep away from children, pets and flammable surfaces.

Do not touch whilst in use as the item can become HOT!


  • No 1: ‘Wild Clay’ Orange brick coloured roof, white matte walls.
  • No 2: ‘Wild Clay’ terracotta roof, grey mottled walls Sold Out