‘Foxed’ by Louise Blamire


The shop will carry some or all of the items described below at any one time but please do check back regularly to see newly created work and items being offered for sale.


Beautiful hand built ceramics, made from stoneware and locally gathered, indigenous clay, 'wild clay’ processed here in the studio.

From the mountain or the forest the 'wild clay' is gathered in small amounts and minimally processed, this provides the basis for hand crafting and building individual pieces fit for any table.

The process is labour intensive but I aim to evoke a connection with the hunter gatherer of old and the rawness of the materials used. When the item is placed on your table, full of delicious food or placed on a shelf or mantlepiece full of your favourite things you may wonder about its journey and imagine the quiet wood, beach or hillside it was sourced, surrounded with moss, ferns, rivers and then perhaps consider the elements that formed this wonderful material. 

All other ceramics offered for sale are a high fired stoneware clay. All ‘Wild clay’ items with be labelled as such. 

Thank you for looking.

Lou x