‘The Village’

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Set of four, mini, hand built, stoneware clay houses/buildings, individually painted with acrylic and finished with a water based matt varnish.

This quaint little village set includes a Church, Inn/pub, Barn and a wee Bothy with chimney.
Will look sweet in any plant pot, shelf, mantlepiece, windowsill, or perhaps find a wee nook or cranny for them to nestle in.

'The City' collection is also available, you are viewing 'The Village' collection.

Each building may vary slightly in size, shape and texture due to the hand making process.

Size: can vary slightly, general height of tallest building 4cms by 2-2.5cms width.

Chocolate coloured stoneware clay.
Acrylic paint with matt varnish finish.

Care: Wipe clean with damp lint free cloth.